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Best Locations For Pictures In Laval

What is the best location for my photos? Models understand that locations mean a lot for the quality of the photoshoot. Different backgrounds give different perceptions of the style the model is portraying. Here are some of the most hidden gem photoshoot locations in Laval.

A location in Laval is the Centre de la Nature. This location is one of the best available locations for couple and wedding photoshoots in Laval. The Centre de la Nature offers a lake, mini bridge, gazebo and a fake village. Couple photography looks the best in plain background areas. The plain background turns the focus on to the people rather then the sceneray. In contrast, for an individual photoshoot or a Tinder photoshoot. I would not recommend this unless you like nature. This location does not provide a vast difference of backgrounds to satisfy solo photography.

The next amazing location offered in laval is for lovers of beach photography. This is Berge aux Quatre-Vents. This place is a small park with a public beach on the water. The beach offers us different soil, sand, and rocks. I personally love this location a lot because it suits all types of photography. Once you finish your photoshoot at the Berge aux Quatre-Vents, there is a themed ice cream shop that offers great backgrounds with flashy colours and a giant ice cream cone.

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