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Best Outdoor Photography Locations in Vermont: Portraits, Lifestyle, and Boudoir

Outdoor photography offers a vast array of opportunities to capture the beauty of nature and create stunning images. Vermont, in particular, is a paradise for outdoor photography with its breathtaking landscapes and picturesque scenery. Whether you're looking to take portraits, lifestyle, or boudoir photography, Vermont offers a range of unique and captivating locations to choose from. From verdant forests and rolling hills to serene waterfalls and tranquil lakes, there's no shortage of stunning natural backdrops for your photography sessions. In this blog, we'll explore some of the top outdoor locations in Vermont for portrait, lifestyle, and boudoir photography, along with tips to help you make the most of your shoot.

Here are some top locations in Vermont for portrait and lifestyle photography:

1. Shelburne Farms - This 1,400-acre working farm and National Historic Landmark offers stunning views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. With fields, gardens, and a variety of barns and buildings, there are plenty of options for unique and beautiful photos.

2. Mount Philo State Park - This state park is a popular spot for hiking and picnicking, but it also offers incredible views of Lake Champlain and the surrounding mountains. The summit can be reached by a short hike or by car, making it accessible for all types of photo shoots.

3. Church Street Marketplace - This pedestrian-only outdoor mall in downtown Burlington offers a vibrant and colorful backdrop for photos. With street performers, unique architecture, and plenty of shops and restaurants, there are endless opportunities for capturing fun and lively images.

4. Waterbury Reservoir - This scenic spot is perfect for photoshoots that involve water. With a large, calm lake and surrounding mountains, it offers a peaceful and picturesque setting.

5. Ben & Jerry's Factory - This iconic Vermont attraction offers a fun and quirky backdrop for photos. The colorful exterior and playful ice cream-themed decor provide plenty of opportunities for creative and playful shots.

6. Burlington Waterfront - With views of the lake, Adirondack Mountains, and the city skyline, the waterfront is a popular spot for outdoor photography. The boardwalk, bike path, and beach areas offer a variety of settings for different types of photos.

7. Quechee Gorge - This natural wonder is a stunning location for photos. With a 165-foot deep gorge and rushing river below, the scenery is dramatic and impressive.

8. Stowe Mountain Resort - This resort offers plenty of opportunities for both outdoor and indoor photography. The mountain views, ski slopes, and charming village make for a picturesque setting.

Here are some locations in Vermont that could be suitable for boudoir photoshoots:

1. The Essex Resort & Spa - This luxury resort offers a variety of boudoir-worthy settings, from the cozy rooms and suites to the tranquil spa.

2. Stowe Mountain Lodge - This picturesque lodge offers stunning mountain views and cozy, intimate spaces perfect for a boudoir shoot.

3. Shelburne Farms - This historic estate features beautiful gardens, rolling hills, and a grand mansion, providing a variety of settings for a boudoir shoot.

4. The Inn at Round Barn Farm - This charming bed and breakfast offers a rustic and intimate setting, with cozy rooms and scenic views.

5. The Swift House Inn - This elegant inn features beautiful gardens, a grand porch, and luxurious rooms, providing plenty of options for a boudoir shoot.

6. The Four Chimneys Inn - This historic mansion offers a range of elegant and intimate settings for a boudoir shoot, from the cozy bedrooms to the grand staircase.

7. The Grafton Inn - This charming inn features cozy rooms, a picturesque village, and beautiful countryside, providing a variety of settings for a boudoir shoot.

Remember to always get permission from the location owner before conducting a photoshoot, and be mindful of any rules or regulations they may have.When planning a photo shoot in Vermont, it's important to keep in mind the weather conditions, especially if shooting outdoors. Vermont's weather can be unpredictable, so it's a good idea to have a backup plan or alternate location in case of rain or extreme temperatures. It's also important to dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes, especially if hiking or walking to the photo shoot location.

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