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Elevate Your Wedding Photography with NXT's Travel Photographer Experience

When it comes to capturing your most cherished moments, NXT Photography goes above and beyond, providing you with options that redefine the concept of a photoshoot. If you're envisioning more than an 8-hour session, our Travel Photographer option is designed with you in mind.

Imagine having a skilled photographer by your side throughout your getaway – someone who isn't just capturing photographs but enhancing the entire experience. Our Travel Photographer package is a unique proposition where you invest in a photographer's vacation, allowin

g you to enjoy the benefits of professional photography in your chosen destination.

Here's how it works: You cover the cost of the photographer's week-long vacation, usually around $1400, and in return, you gain access to their expertise and creativity during your travels. Together, you decide on the hours of coverage needed for your events. The best part? Our prices remain incredibly affordable, whether you're booking us for 8 hours locally in Montreal or for your dream destination getaway.

Contrast this with photographers charging exorbitant fees of $5000 for just 8 hours – their agreements are vastly different, driven by the need to maximize their earnings. But with NXT Photography, we believe in fairness and transparency. By opting for the Travel Photographer package, you're essentially investing in exceptional imagery while granting our photographers the chance to explore new places.

We understand that solo travel isn't everyone's cup of tea, and our team values companionship as much as capturing beautiful shots. We've crafted a special offer: If you're willing to cover the travel expenses for one of our photographers, including flights and 5 night stay / or all inclusive resort stay for 2 people ( we cover the cost of flight for second person ) , we'll go the extra mile to ensure your photography experience is unforgettable. You'll still receive the same agreed-upon hours of coverage, and we'll even provide a personalized photoshoot for the bride, adding more cherished moments to her portfolio.

Plus, that's not all – depending on your location, duration, and unique preferences, we might have additional surprises in store or offer exclusive services at a 50% discount. At NXT Photography, your satisfaction is our priority, and we're dedicated to making your experience extraordinary.

So, if you're seeking a travel wedding destination photographer, look no further. NXT Photography is the perfect partner to turn your vision into a reality, ensuring your moments are captured with passion, professionalism, and a touch of adventure. Contact us today to embark on a photography journey like no other.

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