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How much is a wedding photographer in Montreal?

The Real Cost of Wedding Photography: What You Should Be Paying

The Truth About Wedding Photography Pricing

The simple answer to how much wedding photography should cost is below $1,300 for 6-hour coverage. If you're being charged more, you might be falling into the trap of a wedding day markup.

Navigating Through Wedding Photography Prices

When exploring the cost of wedding photography, prices can seem exorbitant. You might find a range from $2,000-$3,000, and sometimes as high as $10,000 for a full wedding photoshoot.

Why Do Wedding Photographers Charge So Much?

The reason behind the high costs can often be attributed to lack of research and falling prey to upselling tactics. Spending excessively on a wedding photographer is unnecessary, and we at our photography company view it as unjustifiable.

A Rational Cost for Wedding Photography

For a standard wedding with 50-100 guests, expect to pay no more than $1,500 for 8 hours of coverage. Don't let the importance of your special day be used against you in pricing.

Debunking the 'Editing Skills' Justification

Many photographers justify their high fees with claims of superior editing skills. However, the reality is that many spend no more than an hour editing all your pictures, often using a preset filter.

Our Fair Pricing for Your Special Day

We charge a reasonable $900-$1,600 for 8 hours of wedding photography coverage, inclusive of all costs from A to Z.

Challenging Exorbitant Hourly Rates

It's hard to justify a $300+ per hour rate for wedding photography when even medical professionals don't earn that much. Don't let your wedding be an excuse for overpricing.

Smart Savings on Your Wedding Photography

To avoid unnecessary expenses, consider hiring just one photographer for 2-4 hours. This strategy still ensures a diverse collection of memories without the inflated cost.

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