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How to plan a perfect photoshoot proposal?

Each girl, inside her head, at least once imagined how her proposal would be. Some of us think about a proposal with flowers in the middle of restaurants, others imagine a hotel room full of balloons. We can't guarantee how your partner will react during the proposal but we know that they will say "yes" regarding the location or little errors.

We know you guys always want to please your loved ones by providing their dream day just as they mentioned throughout the relationship and we thank you for that. Here below are some tips and advice on how to make your proposal special.

Some of us do not expect a proposal and it will truly be a surprise, in this case, no matter what you do they will be shocked. In such a case, the location would not affect the surprise but rather be a great addition to it.

Others on the other hand might anticipate or expect you to do the move. In this case, it gets harder to make a surprise without raising a single suspicion. When you know that your partner expects you to propose the best place and time to do it is at the most random and not typical " proposal location". Such locations can be : your daily jogging park, your friday night club, your family dinner or simply your night drives to an outdoor cinema.

If you are travelling an easy way to select a perfect location is simply by asking your partner “Where would you like to go? “ or “What would you like to visit? “.

If you are a local couple but still want to make a surprise we recommend you to take a location you always go together.

Balloons, flowers, confetti, etc this is one of the most wanted things by any girl. However, organizing this may be somewhat difficult. Confetti is a simple object you can always hide in your bag or pocket and after the proposal opens them for some cute pictures. Speaking about flowers, we can arrange something for you once we discuss your proposal.

You need to also let us know at which point you are about to propose. Think about a discrete sign or a text message to let us since we keep a distance and might not hear you.

Once you go on one knee, the tears of joy will be seen miles away. No worries, she will say “ Yes” and we will make sure to capture this memorable event.

If you want your surprise proposal to be done within the Greater Montreal area, make sure to contact us to reserve your time and discuss with us all the details.

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