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Ideas of Locations for your Elopement in Montreal

Looking to create a magical and intimate celebration that perfectly reflects your love story? We’ve gathered a selection of wonderful options that will help you commemorate your special day in style, all while keeping things small and meaningful. As you plan your celebration, remember that all prices mentioned include taxes, ensuring a clear and accurate view of your expenses.

Top picks for elopement in Montreal

RippleCove Spa: Tranquility and Bliss at Your Fingertips If a serene lakeside getaway appeals to you, consider the enchanting offerings of RippleCove Spa. Starting from just $500, their thoughtfully curated packages include a comfortable hotel room, delectable dining experiences, and a rejuvenating spa treatment. Relax by the tranquil lake, savor sumptuous meals, and relish precious moments together. Ideal for those on a budget or seeking a mini honeymoon escape close to home.

Gananoque: A Delightful Whirlwind Celebration For a brief yet unforgettable celebration, the charming town of Gananoque awaits. Just a few hours from Toronto or Montreal, immerse yourself in a captivating cruise experience, complete with dinner or breakfast on the water and a visit to a captivating castle. With an estimated cost of around $300 for both of you, this whirlwind celebration promises cherished memories within a few precious hours.

Anchors Escapades Memphre Magog: Brunch Cruises and More Another captivating option akin to Gananoque is Anchors Escapades Memphre Magog. Set sail on their elegant brunch cruises, soaking in picturesque views while relishing a delectable meal. Tickets start at around $109 per person plus taxes. A charming choice for an intimate celebration with a touch of nautical elegance.

Montreal’s Luxury Elegance: A Feast for the Senses If opulence is your desire, consider a luxurious dining experience at Montreal’s esteemed Four Seasons hotel. Indulge in a delectable dinner for two, where prices range from $150 to $200. Following your sumptuous feast, take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant downtown streets, capturing sweet moments and enjoying a delightful ice cream treat.

Hotel Nelligan: Enveloped in Romance For an all-inclusive romantic escape, Hotel Nelligan offers enchanting packages that cater to your desires. With options starting at $440, you can luxuriate in a cozy night’s stay, relish a delicious dinner, and enjoy breakfast or champagne. Customize your experience to include a spa treatment or focus on savoring culinary delights.

Bircks Hotel: A Cozy Downtown Retreat Escape to the warmth and comfort of Bircks Hotel, a hidden gem in downtown Montreal. Their variety of room options cater to your preferences, offering a peaceful retreat for relaxation and intimacy. Enjoy the charm of the hotel while exploring the vibrant city streets.

Auberge Willow Inn: Whispers of Romance in Nature’s Embrace Nature-loving couples will find solace at Auberge Willow Inn, where rooms range from $230 to $300 plus taxes. After a day immersed in nature’s beauty, treat yourselves to a delightful dinner experience averaging around $60 per person.

Auberge des Gallants: Where Love and Furry Friends Unite Discover a hidden oasis just 45 minutes from Decaire at Auberge des Gallants. Uniquely, this retreat warmly welcomes your beloved pets, ensuring your furry friend can be a part of your special day. With abundant amenities like indoor game rooms, nature trails, and a heated outdoor pool, you’ll find relaxation and joy at every turn. Starting at $500, this package includes a night’s stay, delectable meals, and the option to bring your cherished pet for an additional $60.

Crafting Your Dream Day Your intimate celebration deserves nothing less than perfection. Explore these enchanting options to create a day that resonates with your love story. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a dash of creativity, your small celebration will leave a lasting imprint on your hearts.

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