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Wedding Photography Tips for Bride and Groom by NXT Photography

No secret that a wedding is probably one of the most important days of our lifetime. The couple carefully plans the nitty gritty months ahead of time to have this day imprinted in our minds forever. To commemorate this day, we hire a photographer to help refresh our memory. The couple tends to forget to tell the photographer information that would help better capture the moments. Let us help you improve any possible imperfections by avoiding all mistakes.

The couple tends to give the address last minute or change locations last minute. It is important to let the photographer know the time of the photoshoot because some areas of Greater Montreal often have traffic.

Make sure to let the photographer know the event schedule. The couple do not want to cut their cake while the photographer is away for his 5 minutes break. This is why it is important to give a small plan of important moments during the wedding.

Sometimes dancing floor can get crowded and it might be hard to capture all 100 people dancing on the floor. As a photographer, we do our job to make sure we capture everyone, however, we understand that you might want us to focus more on your family or closest friends and we will appreciate it if you tell us that.

Tell the photographer the amount of people prior booking the wedding. Sometimes too big of a wedding will either require a second photographer or we will need to discuss prior the distribution of taken pictures. In the other hand, if the wedding is too small, photographer will also need to know how to manage excess of his time.

For religious reasons, some people might not want to be in pictures. It's important to also let the photographer be aware ahead of time.

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