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Best Photoshoot Location In Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city with many interesting and photogenic locations. Some popular spots for photography in Montreal include Old Montreal, the Montreal Botanical Garden, Mount Royal, and the St. Lawrence River. The city's iconic landmarks, such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Olympic Stadium, and the Montreal Biosphere, are also great places to take pictures. Additionally, Montreal's vibrant neighborhoods, such as the Plateau and Mile End, offer a wealth of interesting backdrops for photography. Ultimately, the best locations for photography will depend on the type of photos you're looking to take and your personal interests.

Photoshoot locations in Montreal Best Picks By NXT Photography

Olympic Stadium

•Any parking lot


•Old Port

•World Trade Centre Montréal

•Square Saint Louis

•Marché Bonsecours

•Centre de la Nautre à Laval

•Clock Tower

•Place Gennevilliers Laliberté

•Rooftop Terrasse

•Lavander Farm

•Tournesol Farm


•Expo 67

•Chateau Ramezay's Garden

•Bain Morgan

•Westmount Park

•Centre de la Nautre à Laval

•Berge aux Quatre-Vents

•In studio photoshoot ( 2Bloft, Focus Studio)

•Berge aux Quatre-Vents

•Botanical Garden

•Metro Stations.

•Old Port


•Mont-Royal Park

•Gibeau Orange Julep

•La Belle Province

•Chez Gerard

•Cinéma Beaubien

•China Town

•Mile End

•Saint Laurent


•Parc Michel Chartrand

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