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Are you looking for stunning, one-of-a-kind photos of your special day? Look no further than NXT Photography! With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, we will capture every precious moment of your wedding or event. Our photography style is a blend of traditional and contemporary, ensuring that your photos are timeless and beautiful. We offer customizable packages to fit your needs and budget, and we are committed to providing exceptional service from start to finish. Let us help you preserve the memories of your special day with stunning, professional photos.

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Discover Your Perfect Wedding and Events Packages - Unbeatable Service at the Best Price! At NXT Photography, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services tailored to your unique needs. Count on us to stay connected with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience. Trust in NXT Photography to capture your cherished moments with excellence.


Package A

1h30 Coverage
100 High Resolution Edited Photos
Delivery Within 3 Days


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Package B

4h Coverage
200 High Resolution Edited Photos Delivery Within 5 Days



Package C

6h Coverage
350 High Resolution Edited Photos Delivery Within 5 Days


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Package D

8h Coverage
500 High Resolution Edited Photos Delivery Within 5 Days



Package E

Minimum 4h booking
All taken pictures provided
Around 150-250 per hour
24h Delivery


  • For reservations a 100$ non-refundable deposit is required

  • For reservations less than 30 days, 50% deposit is required

  • We do not provide videography services

  • No moving-fee for Montreal and Laval

  • Outside Montreal / Laval 1.50$/km will be charged

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are we so affordable?

Many customers ask us why our company is much cheaper than others in the industry? The real question you should ask is, “ Why is everyone so expensive in the industry? When photographers hear about a wedding or event they think of a cheque. They do not care that it is your special day, for them it's a payday. We understand the value of time as a photographer and in no way try to steal your money. Many photographers would argue stating "cheaper" photographers have poor quality, or they don't edit pictures... Look at our pictures. Our quality is better then most of these high paid photographers and we also edit the pictures just like them. Telling you as a customer their pity saying their Tesla or BMW costs x a month or their corporate expenses are in the thousands is not justification to take your money. Our mission is to offer the highest quality pictures on the market for the lowest price guaranteed.



The process of taking wedding photos typically involves the following steps:


Before the wedding, the photographer will speak with the couple to discuss their vision for the photos and to plan the photo shoot. This might include discussing the location, the desired style and tone of the photos, and any specific shots or groupings the couple wants to capture. As the ceremony and reception unfold, the photographer will take a variety of posed and candid shots of the couple, their families, and their guests. This might include traditional group shots, as well as more creative and artistic shots that capture the mood and atmosphere of the event.

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After the wedding, the photographer will edit and process the photos to ensure they look their best. This might include color-correcting, cropping, and retouching the photos to bring out their best qualities. Finally, the photographer will provide the couple with the finished photos, either as digital files or as physical prints. The couple can then share the photos with their loved ones and use them to create wedding albums or other keepsakes.



Please let us know if your wedding will be 4 hours or more. We will assist arrange your wedding and advise you on timing. Each wedding has its own timetable and traditions.
We usually like to divide the wedding into a few categories:

Couple Photos

We want to capture that initial look. Your happy tears. We'll also do a pre-wedding photoshoot for unique shots you won't see anywhere.

Group Photos

We want you to know how much everyone at your wedding cares about you and your new life.

Let's cut the weddin cake!

Do you want to spoon-feed each other for the first time? Do it!

Group 47.png

Pictures of the bride and groom at their house

We want to catch the finer nuances of the preparations before the bride and groom meet. Pre-wedding photos show the bride's parents and friends assisting.


We'll catch you walking down the aisle or at the notary. A new "family" will be established. We'll capture your "I do" and first kiss.

First Dance

Ready to spin! Keep each other close and enjoy the moment. We saw it, we shot it.


Now that the wedding is over, we can relax and dance.

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Best Wedding Photographer in Montreal - For those who value Quality Over Dollar Sign

When you're seeking Montreal's top moments captured on your wedding day, our wedding and portrait photography services stand out. From the engagement photoshoot to the bustling celebrations, we take the time to know your wedding style, helping you find the best way to share your journey. Even as an Ottawa wedding photographer, we ensure that the beloved memories are reflected back on through our imagery.

Let NXT Photography be the one you wanted to photograph those precious moments. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the nuances of your narratives, ensuring that when you look back on all the cherished, perfectly captured moments, you'll relive the essence of your celebration. With NXT Photography, find the best in wedding photography in Montreal and let us help you tell the story of your special day.

Why NXT Photography offers high quality but charges so little?

NXT Photography, we stand by the idea of "Affordable Luxury, Priceless Memories," offering high-end wedding photography at low costs.

The importance of the occasion doesn't warrant a price tag as high as a surgeon's fee for a heart transplant. Our commitment is to fairness and transparency in our pricing.

We understand that weddings are significant life events, but that doesn't mean you should be overcharged. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority, not inflating prices under the guise of a 'special occasion.' We aim to keep our services accessible and affordable so that you can enjoy your big day without the burden of debt. At NXT Photography, we believe everyone deserves to have their wedding captured beautifully, without financial strain.

We extend our budget-friendly services beyond Montreal to Vermont and New York, ensuring even with travel costs, we're still a bargain. We're not just photographers; we're friends committed to capturing your special day with integrity and making luxury photography accessible.

We offer the best value, encouraging you to research and compare to find a photographer who's upfront about their costs and matches your comfort level. With NXT Photography, you’re investing in a service dedicated to capturing your cherished moments without breaking the bank.

Weddings in Montreal , Your Wedding Day with our Wedding Photography!

NXT Photography stands among the top wedding photographers in Montreal, weaving the tapestry of your love stories through our lenses. Our dedication to capturing every moment of your special day positions us as a leading Montreal wedding photographer, renowned for our ability to freeze time with candid shots and perfectly captured moments. Whether you're planning a local celebration or a destination wedding, our experienced and passionate team is equipped to tell your love story.

As you look forward to your wedding day, our photographers, who are deeply rooted in the city of Montreal, are proud to offer their services to capture the raw emotion and cherished moments that make up the narrative of your big day. NXT Photography is not just another name in Montreal wedding photography; we're a team that understands the importance of the cultural tapestry that backgrounds each couple, striving to make you comfortable and reflect the true essence of your union.

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NXT elements



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